The IDEAS research team focuses on R&D in the research area of large scale (typically distributed) information/data systems, enabling massively parallel data accesses and big data analytics applications.

Currently, the team focuses on systems for managing big data (be it in-rest or streaming), and of various formats (tabular, unstructured, graph) and related big data applications. Indicative current central effort include:

  • Big data system architectures and next-generation information systems.
  • Complex analytics query processing and optimization in big data systems (SQL analytics, graph queries, keyword queries, ranking, temporal analytics).
  • Machine Learning techniques for big data systems
  • Scalable, efficient distributed storage systems, including file systems and modern NoSQL and NewSQL Database Systems.
  • Applications: Urban data and smart cities and Polyomics data.

Prospective Postdoc researchers & PhD students We are looking for colleagues with strong background preferably in more than one of the following areas: Data Management Systems, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Maths/Statistics, who are wishing to conduct research in the general area of Big Data.

As an independent research group within SoCS at the University of Glasgow, IDEAS closely collaborates with researchers from other research groups within SoCS (in particular with groups within the Information Data Analytics (IDA) Section and with the Systems Section) and outwith SoCS (in particular with researchers from the Urban Big Data Centre).