Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces

Building on the assumption that every human action in public space has a performative aspect, this workshop seeks to explore issues of mobile technology and interactions in public settings. We will examine the design of performative technologies, the evaluation of user experience, the importance of spectator and performer roles, and the social acceptability of performative actions in public spaces. The workshop will aim to bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in the rapidly growing area of technologies supporting use in a public setting, and through this, explore the themes the workshop offers, plan for publications which synthesize together this disparate work, and finally to facilitate future collaborations between participants.

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Important Dates

July 20th
Submission Deadline
September 26thWorkshop and Evening Social Event

Workshop Organizers

Julie Rico is a PhD student in the Glasgow Interactive Systems Group (GIST) at the University of Glasgow. Her research revolves around the use of performative actions as input for mobile phones, examining user perceptions and the social acceptability of taking part in such interactions. She has explored these issues through a variety of methods including surveys, on-the-street user studies, interviews, and focus groups.

Giulio Jacucci is professor at the School of Art and Design, Aalto University, he has published a PhD on Interaction as Performance and is leading several international projects that apply advanced interface technologies in support of novel interaction formats and experiences. He is chairman of the board and co-founder of MultiTouch LtD a company providing products and services to create scalable multitouch displays.

Stuart Reeves is a Research Assistant at the Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. His research work is concerned with interfaces and technology situated within public or semi-public settings, with particular focus upon performance and spectatorship. His current project involves developing technology to support sports fans at and around stadiums.

Lone Koefoed Hansen is Assistant Professor at the Department of Aesthetic Studies, Aarhus University. Her main areas of interest are urban theory, mobile media, social choreographies, digital art, and exploratory ways of combining the above. She is currently partaking in the research project Digital Urban Living, focusing on the interplay between urban life, mobile media, and digital art.

Stephen Brewster is a professor of human computer interaction at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on sound, haptics, and gestures as ways of interacting with mobile devices. His recent work has included gesture-based interaction that moves away from hand-based gestures and 3D audio as an eyes free media consumption technique.